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Even in her ice bucket challenge, she’s forever alone :( 

08.23.14 44

Jiyoon getting two buckets of ice cold water. One for her, one for gayoon maybe?

08.23.14 74

Challenge accepted!" - Kwon Sohyun, probably

Sohyun gets hosed.

08.20.14 42

Everything you need to know about Hyuna x LE’s relationship.

08.20.14 55

hyuna & the dancers werkin’ it

See how much better she is when she dances in flats instead of killer heels.

08.17.14 275

Head bish in charge.

08.17.14 3842
Zoom “Want some of these?”

Want some of these?

08.16.14 61
Hyuna sang Red to convice LE not to leave the practice room

Come out already.

08.14.14 527

Girl Group Dance by Kim Hyuna

She’s not called kpop’s dance machine for nothing.

08.14.14 1795

Gayoon Dragon aka G-Dragon.

08.14.14 195