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04.21.14 61

18/50 gifs of precious kwon sohyun

You are too adorable.

04.20.14 270

Come In > Hyuna version.

She’s so pretty with this style.

04.20.14 346


Namgrease vs. noona killer Sungyeol

Woohyun can you stop flirting with Jihyun.

04.20.14 1367

15/ of jeon jiyoon

You are too adorable.

04.20.14 353

Brothers be hitting on Gayoon left and right.

04.19.14 77
4Minute on Weekly Idol: Aegyo Battle - Sohyun

Too cute.

04.18.14 85

Who is this impostor and where is the real Heo Gayoon?

04.18.14 89

What if 4minute were youtubers?

Where’s the food vlog?

04.18.14 264

soah attempt to be orange caramel and don’t really succeed.

I need SoAh x NaLiz interactions.

04.18.14 500